Are you looking for natural and effective pain relief?

You are not alone! Chronic pain affects 1 in 5 Australians and this number is rising.

Are you sick of being told …

“There’s nothing we can do.”
“We can’t find the cause of your pain.”
“Here’s another prescription for painkillers.”

This is not good enough if you’re suffering from chronic pain!

Does this sound familiar?

You have tried everything and nothing works.
Painkillers are no longer working.
You are not your normal enthusiastic self anymore.
You feel alone, isolated and no one understands.
You are sick of being in pain.

You are in the right place!

Imagine …

Waking up and feeling good.
Being confident that you are in control of your pain with natural pain relief.
Reducing or eliminating your pain medications.
Healing with others, just like you, who understand what you are going through.
Feeling like your normal self again.

At Pain Mastery we use the Neural Alignment Method®, a natural pain relief treatment developed by co-founder Dawn Cady, along with other up to date education, exercise and self-management interventions to help you get in control of your pain.

Previous participants average results

Results are updated after each course.


Smoking status (down)


Alcohol intake (down)


Pain score (down)


Fear of movement (down)


Opioid medication use (down)


Self-reported ability to perform tasks (up)


Confidence despite pain (up)