Pain Mastery

This is a premium comprehensive 12-month course which gives you an in-depth understanding into chronic pain while providing weekly support for 12 months.

This course will give you:

  • A deeper understanding of goal setting and its importance with managing pain
  • The knowledge of the biology and mechanics of how pain and chronic pain work
  • An understanding on how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions contribute to ongoing pain
  • Knowledge of the relevance of how posture and manual handling techniques aid in managing ongoing pain
  • Multiple techniques you can apply to relieve stress responses and alleviate pain in your body
  • Weekly group support with a psychotherapist for 12 months to give you guidance, confidence and control while on your journey
  • We link arms with you to help you achieve your goals which may have been previously unattainable to you due to your chronic pain

This is a must if you want to master your pain, regain control of your life and understand that you’re bigger than your pain. Almost all of our participants did not believe they could achieve this. However, upon completion, they did.

No other chronic pain course offers this level of dedication in supporting participants to reach their goals.

All our courses have been designed to maximise results and minimise discomfort.

Workers’ compensations and green slip insurance covered, in many cases.

Cost: $5,749 including G.S.T.

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