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Pain Mastery Sydney NSW Australia

Are you sick of being told …

“There’s nothing we can do.”

“We can’t find the cause of your pain.”

“Here’s another prescription for painkillers.”

We’re looking at providing education for those in pain

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At Pain Mastery, we are passionate about helping individuals who suffer from chronic pain, to teach them that they can take control of their pain, to provide hope that they can live life the way they want, they are not slaves to pain they experience.

The Neural Alignment Method® Program

Our program consists of an intensive 6-week group course and 12 months of follow up and support.

On completion participants will have:

  • A deep understanding and knowledge about their pain physically, mentally and emotionally and know-how to self-manage
  • A suite of specialised movements to enhance correct posture along with an understanding of manual handling
  • Advanced techniques, strategies and tools to help identify stressors and personal pain triggers
  • A personalised exercise program specifically tailored for their needs
  • Guidance and assistance in developing a plan to move forward and assistance in getting back into the workplace, along with social and recreational activities.

Previous participants average results

Results are updated after each course


Smoking status (down)


Alcohol intake (down)


Pain score (down)


Confidence despite pain (up)


Self-reported ability to perform tasks (up)


Medication use (down)

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I am in the gym lifting weight and not worrying about the pain. I have gained 10 kg muscle, my body is on its way back to before the injury.

My attitude towards life has changed. I am happy to be alive as now I feel there is a life now. Before I was angry with everyone in my life and now, I have no anger towards my family.

What would you say to someone considering joining? Do it! You are crazy not to!

Nathan Kilpatrick


The program has done so much for me.

Wendy James


Reducing and coming off my painkillers was the most incredible for me. I thought it would never be possible but getting my mindset back has allowed me to get me back and my life.

Learning the technique on the course has changed my life, my family’s and has given me hope that my life has not ended, it’s just a new chapter.

What would you say to someone considering joining? It’s changed my life. It can change yours too!

Kim Albury