At Pain Mastery, we are passionate about helping those who suffer from chronic pain. We’re here to teach you that you can take control of your pain, to provide the hope you deserve, so that you can live life the way you want. You are not slaves to the pain you experience.

To do this, we offer the following three courses.

All our courses have been designed to maximise results and minimise discomfort.

Workers’ compensations and green slip insurance covered, in many cases.

Chronic Pain Explained

This is a 2-hour seminar which will give you an understanding of chronic pain so you’re armed with knowledge to start your recovery journey.

Chronic Pain Understood

This is a 7-week short course to improve your understanding of chronic pain and learn techniques to get in control of your pain. This involves a 2-hour course once a week for 7 weeks.

Pain Mastery

This is a premium comprehensive 12-month course which gives you an in-depth understanding into chronic pain while providing weekly support for 12 months.

Meet our team of experts

Psychotherapist and Pain Freedom Coach

Dawn Cady, a former chronic pain sufferer who healed herself and learned to walk again. This drove her to learn everything she could about treating chronic pain, trialling multiple modalities on herself on her healing journey, and discovering the most effective treatments for chronic pain in the process.

She developed The Neural Alignment Method®, which brings together the world’s best healing techniques for chronic pain to help sufferers achieve true freedom from pain. Dawn’s consuming passion helps others in pain enjoy their lives again.

Exercise Physiologist

Karl Thornton is a qualified Exercise Physiologist and has a Masters in Physiotherapy since 2009.

Karl, has been working extensively in the private practice and occupational physiotherapy sector bringing exceptional expertise to his clients, especially those with chronic pain.

Having extensive experience and a special interest in spinal and SIJ injuries, Karl uses his experience and knowledge in both physiotherapy and exercise physiology to help his clients restore their lives and take control of their pain.

Exercise Physiologist

Kris Caloia has practiced as an Exercise Physiologist since 2008 and holds a Masters in Physiotherapy since 2009.

During this time he has worked in private practice, occupational physiotherapy roles and has a special interest in treating those suffering from Chronic pain. A large portion of Kris’s case load involves treating individuals who have plateaued with their treatment and require further input to progress their rehabilitation.

Kris also has a special interest in treating ‘cervicogenic headache and migraine’, headaches and migraines that originate from the neck.