At Pain Mastery, we are passionate about helping those who suffer from chronic pain. We’re here to teach you that you can take control of your pain, to provide the hope you deserve, so that you can live life the way you want. You are not slaves to the pain you experience.

To do this, we offer the following three courses.

All our courses have been designed to maximise results and minimise discomfort.

Workers’ compensations and green slip insurance covered, in many cases.

Chronic Pain Explained

This is a 2-hour seminar which will give you an understanding of chronic pain so you’re armed with knowledge to start your recovery journey.

Chronic Pain Understood

This is a 7-week short course to improve your understanding of chronic pain and learn techniques to get in control of your pain. This involves a 2-hour course once a week for 7 weeks.

Pain Mastery

This is a premium comprehensive 12-month course which gives you an in-depth understanding into chronic pain while providing weekly support for 12 months.