Smashing health goals in 2021

It’s usually at the end of the year where we begin to think of our next year’s resolutions and what goals we wish to reach. For anyone who has committed to a workout plan or goal in the past, you will know that it is easier to come up with the goal then follow through with it.

As the New Year approaches, we get excited about our goals of getting a six-pack of abs that we have been dreaming about or signing up for a new gym membership. Then, life gets in the way and your goals become untouched and unaccomplished. You may feel frustrated and wonder if it is too late for progress. Does this sound familiar?

When you think of your health goals for 2021, think of the following factors so you can create a realistic list of goals that you will smash in the new year.

Set realistic SMART goals

You may have heard of this method of goal writing before. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

The ultimate goal is to work SMARTer and not harder. Create goals that are specific in what you wish to achieve, like strengthening your upper body after injury. Set yourself a realistic timeline in which you feel your body will achieve this goal, and ensure your progress is measurable. Reward yourself when you achieve a heavier lift or gain more elasticity to the injured area.

When you set goals that are specific and realistic for you, progress is measurable and you have a deadline, you can then successfully reach them.

Set daily commitments

Break down goals into achievable daily tasks, to reach your goal efficiently and effectively. If your goal is to strengthen your upper body following injury, take the initiative daily to stretch or perform rehabilitation exercises. If you are setting a larger goal of participating in a 10km charity run at the end of 2021, don’t wait until a couple weeks before to begin training. Understand the smaller steps you need to take to reach the large goal you have set yourself.

Remind yourself of your goals and make time

One of the biggest reasons we do not achieve our goals is because we forget about them and don’t prioritise reaching them. With a busy life schedule, it is too often these goals become unnoticed when not properly prioritised.

Set yourself a gentle reminder of the goals you wish to achieve with alarms on your phone or on your calendar. Make time in your schedule to achieve daily tasks to ensure that you are committed to achieving this goal.

Grab a buddy

The buddy system when reaching goals is efficient, in that you are receiving constant support from someone with similar goals. If you can get a friend or family member involved in reaching your health goal, both of you are accountable to the goals and motivating each other to reach them. When you make a commitment, you are not only making excuses for yourself but for another person, therefore making it a crucial step in having a supportive buddy to reach your health goals.


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